Color coated steel coil (PPGI)is a product made of cold-rolled steel coil and (aluminum) galvanized steel coil after surface chemical treatment, coating (roll coating) or composite organic film (PVC film, etc.),and then baking and curing. This product is produced by the manufacturer in coils on the continuous production line, so it is also called prepainted steel coil. It not only has the properties of high mechanical strength and easy forming of steel materials, but also has good decoration and corrosion resistance of coating materials.
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ProductColor Coated Coil
Length as required
Width600-1500mm or as customer's requirements
Thickness0.2-6mm or as required
Surface TreatmentClean, blasting and painting according to customer requirement
MaterialDX51D, S280GD, S350GD, SGCC etc
SpangleRegular spangle, minimal spangle, zero spangle, big spangle
ApplicationConstruction industry, shipbuilding industry, vehicle manufacturing industry, furniture industry, electrical industry, etc.

Steel grades         Chemical composition% Residual Element> Tensile strength(MPa)

C%< Si%< Mn%< P%< S%< Alt<

SGCC, DX51D+Z0. Cu<0.10Ni<0.08Cr<0.10As<0.05Sn<0.05270-500

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How long is your delivery time?
Our daily inventory is more than 6000 tons, so for common product size, just need 5-7 work days from stocks; if the special size from new production, delivery 15-21 days.
How many countries you already exported?
Our products are widely used more than 60 countries already mainly from Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Australia, Germany, UK, Moldova, Italy, Turkey, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, America, Canada etc.
What’s your supported standard of products?
We can supply BG/T; ASTM; EN/DIN; JIS and other common standards products. Customers can name their requests and we can supply accordingly.
What’s your supported measurement and size?
For sheets and coils, we can support sizes in gauge, mm and inch/feet For pipes, we can support mm, SCH and DN
What cash do you take?
We can accept USD and RMB for now
What’s your payment term?
T/T, T/T + L/C, Paypal, etc.
What’s your incoterm?
FOB, CIF, DDP and other incoterm the customers named.
What’s your policy with dealers and wholesalers?
We have yearly plan for such customers and need to negotiate personally

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